All work and no play do not only make you dull but also impact your mental health. Whether you have newly joined the office or have been working for years, there are times when you face a stressful day. Things do not go as planned and you have loads of work to complete. It is a common situation that everyone faces. But you can change the day in a jiffy. All you require is to have a productive mindset and take the much-needed breaks at the right time. You need to have a fit body and mind to ensure optimal productivity in life. With these effective tips, do not let a stressful day overpower you!

The need to take a break

Taking breaks during your work schedule is necessary. Whether you are working from home or your office, you need to find time and take short breaks. The impact of the short breaks in between your work can change your productivity and performance. You can deliver better with increased energy. It helps you eliminate stress and start afresh. Especially in the professional scenario, breaks are highly essential to ensure your sanity. Long working hours create an impact on your mind and reduce efficiency in your performance.

So, here are some effective tips that will help you overcome a stressful day.

1) Get up and take a quick stroll

Sitting for 2 to 3 hours in one position in front of your computer can be the worst thing you can do to your mind. It is not ideal for your physical health, and it impacts your mental health badly. Your mind cannot take a break if you sit for too long. It makes it hard to focus on even trivial matters. You can lose your concentration by working continuously. But you can restore your focus and concentration by taking a quick stroll.

All you require is to get up, walk around for a few minutes and sit. It is an effective solution for those working from home and also the office. It gives you an opportunity to refresh your mind’s clutter while walking. If possible, go to an open space with greenery where you can feel the natural air. It releases stress and revitalizes your body and mind.

2) Shift your work setup or rearrange

Working in the same work setup for long hours can create pressure on your mind. It blocks your headspace, and you cannot concentrate any longer. Making changes in your workstation can help your mind clear your thoughts as well. You can get up, drink a cup of coffee and rearrange the workstation within a span of 5 minutes. You need not shift the workstation and the computer to another table. You can conveniently change the position of the stationeries. It can be anything that helps you see something else than the usual work setup. It improves concentration, and your mind can work in a new environment. This way, you can eliminate the stressful thoughts.

3) Do something creative during a break

Creativity always helps! Irrespective of the situation or the stressful condition, doing something creative can clear your mind. It can be singing, listening to music, or drawing. You can also doodle during your break time. It helps your mind in operating differently for a while. It is a light activity and makes your stressful thoughts go away. Your brain feels lighter, and you feel happier by stimulating your creative side during a quick break. You can concentrate better on the work and forget the anxious thoughts for some time.

4) Communicate with friends and colleagues

There is no better medicine in the world than communication. Even the top therapists in the world are nowadays suggesting you to get up and talk to other people during your break time. Even during a stressful day, you must not prevent yourself from communicating with others. It is good to discuss the problems you are facing with your colleagues or friends. This will help in introspection and you can identify the solutions to your problems. Also, interacting with others’ generates new topics of discussion. Thus, your mind gets a break from the regular work amidst the stretched schedule.

5) Breathing exercises and meditation

Stressful situations in the office can often cause panic and anxiety attacks. There are ways that you can overcome the attack and combat such situation. Breathing exercise can be a lifesaver at such times. You can try the 4-7-8 breathing process or yogic meditation for a while to help cope with the stress. Even if you do not experience any anxiety or panic attack, practicing meditation during your work breaks can help you significantly. It pacifies your mind, and you can concentrate better.

Watch something funny or read a comic

Reading and watching videos during a stressful day can be an effective solution. Especially if you are watching something funny like a comic kook, you can eliminate your worries. Laughter is the greatest therapy, and you need to work on finding ways that can make you laugh. It immediately helps your mind to get energized and helps you work better. Your body and brain will feel happy, and help you combat stressful days.

Do not let the stress swallow you!

Stressful days are common, but you do not need to spend the entire day in the same stressful condition. Try the five effective ways to combat the anxious and stressful thoughts bothering your mental space. All you require is to clear the train of thoughts in your mind, and you will be able to eliminate the worries and revitalize your head space.

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