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With Mind Alcove access tools you need to build and sustain your mental well-being journey to feel better, manage stress and be emotionally fit.

How we started this journey

We live in a world where connecting with others is easy, yet we often feel alone. Even strangers from far away can judge us and offer unsolicited advice on how to live our lives. We search for support, positivity, love, and kindness to help us thrive and build mental barriers to protect ourselves. Shubhangi Rastogi, the founder of Mind Alcove, always believed in providing a safe & non-judgmental space to her ecosystem as a corporate HR & Emotional intelligence coach. But, she found it challenging to convince people to embark on a journey of self-awareness and resilience in a traditional way. She closely experienced how the pandemic impacted people's stress, anxiety, and depression worsening the mental health crisis. She had to lay off employees from her previous company during the pandemic, which impacted her mental health, after which she quit corporate life. After numerous one-on-one conversations, Shubhangi wanted to create a solution that made it easy for people to express themselves without worrying about judgment. Although lacking technical expertise, Shubhangi was inspired by the idea of building an app. With the encouragement of her family and friends, she explored no-code solutions to create a prototype. That's when she met Hardik Manwani, Mind Alcove's co-founder, who brought his technical expertise to make the app a reality in 2021. Mind Alcove quickly gained popularity and love from users, reaching over 270,000 downloads rapidly. The team is committed to providing a platform for self-expression and hopes to continue its work in helping people thrive.

Meet The Team

We are passionate about building solutions to help you prioritize your mental well-being

Hardik Manwani

Co-Founder & CTO

Prathamesh Patil

Performance Lead

Siddhi Sitap

Digital Marketing Executive

Smitesh Pawar

Strategic Partnerships & Alliances

Pooja Sahgal