We at Mind Alcove empower people to become
emotionally fit.

Find Comfort
& Connection in
Self Expression

Feel free to express yourself! Explore your innermost thoughts and emotions through the many journals our app has to offer. The Mind Alcove App allows you to express your feelings anonymously and connect with a community of people dealing with similar experiences.

  • Track Mood and Patterns - Discover hidden insights about what makes you happy or sad; understand patterns in how we feel, and find healthy ways to tackle tough emotional cycles before they overwhelm us.

  • Make Connections - Join an empathetic community who won't judge or tell you what to do — we just want to understand what's going on inside so we can let you know what's up and how we've handled it.

  • Boost Self-Esteem - Gain confidence through expression; learn how journaling can change our outlook on life; develop a habit that leads to a happier day tomorrow.




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Shubhangi Rastogi, Founder & CEO, Mind Alcove

With a successful 14 year career in human resources working for leading global companies, Shubhangi decided to become a certified Life Coach. Through this journey of self-discovery and enabling others, she found that there were very few readily available and affordable ways to improve emotional fitness.

Originally a passion project, Mind Alcove is now a worldwide brand. It is a place of expression where individuals can feel comfortable sharing their daily challenges, frustrations, and joys.

Hardik Manwani, Co-Founder & CTO, Mind Alcove

As a leader of the tech team, Hardik manages the platform's development as well as its technology stack. He oversees its operations and tracks its performance. In addition to being a strategic thinker and excellent negotiator, he is also an excellent problem-solver.

He began his career as a freelance web developer, then started HMMBIZ, a full-service technology and digital solutions company that was incubated at MICA, Ahmedabad.

Bhairavi Desae, CMO, Mind Alcove

Bhairavi is an experienced marketing, communications, and brand management professional with over 14 years of experience in both B2B and B2C companies. In her 5 years in strategic leadership roles, Bhairavi has been a driving force behind digital transformation in marketing, create strategies that have a measurable impact on the bottom line.

Creativity is Bhairavi's strong suit, and she channels her innovative spirit into creating meaningful marketing assets and programs that achieve high levels of performance.

Harsh Vasa, CDO, Mind Alcove

Academically trained as an engineer, Harsh holds two years of professional design experience under his belt. He brings to the table not just his intellectual understanding and problem-solving abilities, but also his intuitive creative instinct for design thinking. His exploration of the fascinating interactions between people and design is a never-ending quest.

Additionally, he is a strong proponent of developing lasting first impressions for users by providing them with high-quality solutions to real-world issues in order to aid in the advancement of the future.


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