Are you looking for a perfect gift for your friend or loved one to help them de-stress during the holiday season? With Christmas and New Year’s approaching, it is time you reconnect with your dear ones. And in such times when everyone is chasing their goals, it can be normal to stay stressed out throughout the year. So, why not give them something useful to release their stress?

This time, find an extraordinary gift for your friend or family member to promote their mental well-being!

1. Self-care books and motivational reads

We often don’t prioritize ourselves, that leads to poor self-care and awareness. Get a self-care or self-help book as a gift. It will definitely give the message to your friend that you care. When making a book choice, go for something that soothes their feelings, helps them understand themselves better and that they learn something new from it.

It can be a light read or a motivational read. It can also be a book written by a competent life coach or an autobiography of an inspirational personality.

2. Something that incites creativity

An outlet for creativity helps get through stress. Gifts that help nurture creativity and explore different forms of art such as painting, drawing, sketching, colouring, craft, music, or building tools can be an excellent choice of gifts. For instance, gifting a person a box full of paintbrushes or colors can revive their childhood memories. This way, it helps them enjoy an old lost habit and use it to relieve their stress in day-to-day life. And yes, we attest that children as well as adults love indulging in such creative outlets.

3. Gratitude diary

A gratitude diary is where you can write meaningful observations of life and things that you are truly thankful for. It gives them the opportunity to acknowledge a lot in their lives that they should be grateful for.

4. Aromatic oil diffuser for relaxation

Nothing can beat the benefits of a spa for eliminating stress. If not a spa treatment, gift your friends an aromatic oil diffuser, to make their space smell like the spa. You can gift your favorite essential oil with the oil diffuser as well! The freshness of the essential oil and the soothing sensation of aromatherapy can work like a charm to reduce stress.

5. Stress balls for tension relief

Research suggests that having something to do with your hands when under severe stress helps. A stress ball is a physical medium to discharge stress. It can be a gift you give a friend who starts pacing or worrying. They can squeeze the ball or stretch to release the stress via a physical medium. The satisfactory feeling of squeezing the ball and watching the vibrant pop-ups moving up and down can bring a unique but soothing sensation to the body. In fact, a stress ball also enhance concentration power. And do you know the best part? It is convenient to carry anywhere! They can take it to their workplace to keep it handy and the stress levels minimal!

6. A meditation mat for mental well-being

A yoga mat or a low sitting cushion for meditation is also a great gift to help a person for ways to calm themselves. You may not always be able to help a person meditate and focus on the positive aspects of life. But you can try! Help them recognize the positive impacts of Yoga or meditation to de-stress after a hectic day! Hence, gifting meditation accessories can be a great start.

7. Scented candles for a calming sensation

Aromatherapy has more than one benefit for the body and mind. It not only relaxes the body but also calms the mind. The sweet smell of lavender oil or any other flower has a profound impact on the mind and heart. In fact, for many people, aromatherapy can be an excellent way to revisit cheerful memories and bring a positive spirit to life. So, scented candles can be an excellent choice of gift.

8. Coloring books and mandala diaries

The Mandala art books for filling the colors or a sketchbook can be a perfect gift to enhance the artistic side. The Mandala Diaries have become popular over the last few years as it soothes the mind with creative diversion. One may think it takes up a lot of time to draw a mandala or fill in the color. But it helps in concentration improvement and innovativeness! Multiple options are available for coloring books and Mandala Diaries that you can review and gift your friend.

9. Boardgame to lighten the stress and mood!

Nothing can beat the fun and thrill of playing a game, right? It could be a silly board game or a complex game where they can focus. It helps a person forget about their workload and stressful thoughts for some time. For example, if a person likes to solve puzzles, you can gift them a chessboard! It can also be a scrabble board or deck of cards that they can use and play with others to lighten the mood. And do you know the best part? You can also join the fun and participate in the game!

10. A gift voucher from their favorite brand – Shopping releases stress!

Is there an easier way than shopping to get over anxiety? Shopping can be therapeutic for most people, and it gets better with a gift voucher from your favorite brand! It is a thoughtful gift anyone would like to receive. And it also matches the holiday spirits! So, they can buy something for themselves or for their loved ones to get over their stress.

11. A musical instrument to de-stress

Music is an incredible stress buster. Listening to music can be therapeutic, but learning to play a musical instrument can be more impactful. If you want to gift something unique, a Tibetan singing bowl can be the apt choice! The vibrations in the singing Bowl make a soothing frequency that delights the mind. The sound creates positive energy in the surroundings, making a peaceful ambiance for de-stressing!

Focus on gifting something positive!

Regardless of your gift choice, make it a thoughtful one! A gift for helping a person de-stress needs to be effective in more than one way. Identify what they like and pick the best one.