So, the Corona Virus is spreading like random likes on a viral video. We were optimistic that 2021 would be different, and we will be out and about meeting friends, partying, going on vacations, and so on. But those plans have taken a backseat.

Our safety and our health take precedence over everything else.

Although we have learned a lot and the #pandemic protocols seem normal. This may be our way of life for another few years.

This means that we build strong armor around us to keep our #mentalhealth in a good state along with our physical health.

Our daily efforts towards our mental fitness will work as a warm blanket and the much-needed armor.

If at this point you are thinking? Really? All I need is daily efforts to have good mental health? Then I would say yes.

When was the last time you skipped brushing your teeth? Then why not brush and give a little care to your mind too?

Here are 9 things you can do to maintain your #mentalwellness during Coronavirus Pandemic and beyond.

1. Maintain a daily routine:

As most of us are home-bound, we must acknowledge the power of a routine. Nature has offered us a rhythm. The most significant bodies in the universe, Sun, Moon, and Earth, have their routine and, thank god, that they don’t budge from it. Almost all successful personalities and entrepreneurs have consistently advocated and encouraged the power of routine. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to start waking up at 5 AM to kick start your day. Have a pattern in place even if you wake up at 9 AM. It will boost your energy, productivity, and mood. Keep your routines exciting; mix and match them with unique hobbies or including leisure activities to make your day enjoyable.

Get a , Free Editable Day Planner here. (works best on desktop) Don’t forget to hit save after writing down your routine in the sheet.

2. Connect Mind-Body-Soul:

We are living in a world of distractions. Social media is trying to capture our attention in 5 seconds, but we have become accustomed to skip that and move to the next thing. Imagine somewhere in a Zoom meeting; people are talking about pushing the product in just 5 seconds before the skip button appears. People are making their whole career out of it.

Wouldn’t it be great to block out some time and be away from the distractions? Try sitting at one place just for 5 minutes, observing your thoughts, and being mindful of your body. You can try a concentration technique and focus your gaze on a calming thing like an open sky, any plant, a lit candle, anything that gives you peaceful energy. (Do not pick up any screen during this time) You will soon feel a lot relaxed and happier.

If you #meditate, do that. I use Relax Melodies App for some calming background music.

3. Stay hydrated:

This is so easy; still, we forget it. A well-hydrated body increases energy and brain function; it is a natural cleanser and reduces soreness in the body. Keep your favorite eco-friendly bottle with you. Make sure you don’t share it with anyone else. Different body weights require different water intake. I learned this after a long time. You can google how much water intake you should have as per your body requirement.

Stay hydrated

4. Play dress-up:

We are accustomed to shorts and pajamas, which now seems to be a forever scenario. Many of our work/college clothes, special dresses, shirts, fancy wear are sitting somewhere in the back of the wardrobe. Try to stir things up for yourself; remember you always dress up for yourself and not for others. Pick a day to dress up nicely, in whatever you are comfortable with, to break the monotony. Of course, take a ton of photos.

If this has inspired you to dress up, share your pic and tag us on Instagram here (@mind_alcove), and we would love to share it and inspire others.

5. Listen to music:

I guess I don’t even have to convince anyone on this. We all love music. Sometimes when you listen to music early in the morning, it just sets the tone of the day. I sometimes listen to instrumental music in the morning. It calms my mind, and I feel grateful to have another beautiful day in my life. Do you think I should create a Mind Alcove’s playlist? If yes, click here to let me know.

6. Exercise routine:

Ok, I am not a gym person; although I have dragged myself to the gym unwillingly, I do get intimidated with the whole process. Having said that, whenever I exercise, even for 20 minutes, my day gets better, and there is a scientific reason behind it. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, a chemical responsible for triggering a positive feeling. In any case, many gyms are temporarily shut, so you can either do a basic workout or a run within the social distance protocols.

Many apps provide the facility of group workouts; it can be a fun way to introduce that in your routine.

7. Stay connected with friends and family:

We are already accustomed to this, and we have graciously accepted this. But remember, if you miss someone, pick up the phone and call/ text/ zoom.

You don’t know what the other person is going through; maybe your phone call would make a difference.

(while writing this, I texted a friend and got to know he is going through severe back pain. He was en route to see a doctor)

8. Find your perfect and fav corner in the house:

I love this one. My fav corner is the gap between my bed and the balcony. It’s my sanctuary, my alcove. I mostly spend my mornings there, journaling and looking out at the open sky (whatever bit I get, as there is a massive building in front). Finding your own small space at home can be very powerful, and It gives you a strong positive, and relaxed feeling whenever you are spending time there.

A small space between the bed and French window. Find your perfect and fav corner in the house

9. Write gratitude:

There is always a silver lining in our lives if we look closely. Studies have found that Practicing gratitude regularly decreases stress, improves relationships, and helps one sleep better. It puts the focus away from materialism and enhances the mindfulness of “living the experience.”

I started #gratitude journaling when I was out of employment for two years. I was at the bottom of the barrel, and I was ready to try anything to keep me above the water. Gratitude journaling came as a rescue, and I could find things and experiences I was thankful for even when I thought I was in the worst phase of my life.

Here is some accessible gratitude journal prompts you can try to experience this beautiful journey.

A girl starting to write something by the lake. Write gratitude

Download 30 Days #GratitudePrompts here.

You can also write a daily Gratitude journal on Mind Alcove App. To download app, click here.

I wish you and your loved ones healthy times always. Stay safe. Stay Indoors. Maintain Social distance. Wear Mask and build your mental health armor.

9 Things you can do to Maintain your Mental Well-being during Lockdown 2.0