How Does Community Help Us Reach Mental Wellness Goals?

How Does Community Help Us Reach Mental Wellness Goals

A person’s life gets shaped by the people influencing them in their daily activities and surroundings. The decisions you make and the steps you take in your personal and professional life, get influenced, directly or indirectly, by others. Do you know your mental health can also get influenced by societal impact?

Experts believe that the impact of a like-minded or situational community plays a positive role in your mental health. In fact, community bonding can help you achieve goals with simple yet effective steps and also have peers to support and cheer you on. A social support system helps in developing relationships and nurtures your psychological health.

Communities can be of different types. From families, colleagues, academic peers, people engaged in similar activities or hobbies to something else entirely. It could be unknown anonymous online forums that bind people of similar interest.

The feeling of fitting into a community and relatability can enhance your mental health. Whether you are combating a personal crisis or need to spend time with others to gain a fresh perspective – community bonding can be helpful in more than one way.

Social Communication and Community Feeling

What defines a community? A community does not necessarily have to be a physical group where people meet and discuss. It can be a virtual group or a social media platform for interaction. The distance or the individual qualities does not matter in the community sentiment. The common interest and similar characteristics define the community. Simply put, it depends on the group’s spirit and commitment towards inclusivity. Social communication helps in an interaction where you can discuss and share your feelings. It can be about anything.

For example, a community can be a group of people who like food. Or it can be about art and culture, where people discuss their mutual interests in art. It is a way to connect to other people and talk freely about what they like or dislike.

Better Connections – Better Mental Health

The reason community has become so crucial for mental health is for the feeling of being acknowledged by others. Loneliness has been a primary reason for the increasing mental health issues. The greatest fear of most people is to be outcasted and not feel included in a group. It creates a feeling of loneliness and makes it difficult to connect to people. However, with a community and mutual sharing, you can conveniently talk to other people, and discuss what you like or feel. It positively impacts mental health.

Sense Of Relatability – Inclusivity Makes The Difference

One of the worst emotional triggers for mental health is the feeling of non-inclusivity. If you feel no one understands your feelings, your mental health worsens. Having a community to discuss and convey emotions without second thoughts can help you feel included. It eliminates the feelings of loneliness as well. The positive impact of having other people with the same mindset as yours can be an excellent booster for mental health.

Learn Through Community Activities – A Forward-Thinking Approach

Community activities can also be a great option to bond with others. For example, organizing a picnic or any workshop where you can work as a group can be an excellent way to make new connections. This way, you can not only stay mentally connected but physically bonded. Working in a group helps you talk freely to other people and opens you up. You may find others having the same struggles as yours and gain a new perspective on life. It helps you come out of your shell and live with a forward-thinking approach.

Social Support And Empathy – Feelings That Matter The Most

Social support is most valuable when you feel lonely. The emotional support you get from a group, acts as a positive energy to drive your life. It supplies you with the motivation you need to overcome the hurdles and improves your mental well-being. Another thing about community is that you develop empathy for others. Empathy does not necessarily mean you have to pity and say kind words to others or vice versa. It is the feeling of acknowledging someone else’s feelings. It also means expressing your thoughts where the other person can relate to or recognize them. The empathetic bond created between the members of a community impacts your mental health positively, and you feel relatable.

It Helps In Stress Management

Sharing anxious thoughts does not increase them. In contrast, it helps in reducing your stressful condition. It is similar to writing a journal where you discuss your feelings and write them down. In the case of social and community bonding, you do not write your feelings but talk to each other. It is also a way to clear the mental clutter. You can speak to people who may be undergoing similar hardships or have overcome them. So, you obtain a chance to learn from their experiences. Also, listening to other people and their life experience creates positive energy. One can learn something from everyone, and a community helps absorb such qualities from one another.

Get Motivated By Meeting New People

Everyone has something to offer that motivates you in one way or the other. All you need is to look for positivity and motivation in someone else’s life. One can seek inspiration from other people’s life incidents. It helps you develop an optimistic mindset and impacts your mental health in a positive way. By sharing your feelings and listening to others you can broaden your outlook. Review problems from multiple angles and get motivated to try something new in life. It can be an excellent booster for your mental health in the long run.

Take Time To Unwind And Share Your Thoughts

Every person is distinct, and sharing your thoughts helps you recognize a unique perspective. For example, if you are struggling with stress and anxiety and discuss it with a group of people, you may get more than one suggestion. Trying out their suggestions is a different thing, but listening to their advice can also work as therapy. Why? Because it makes you feel influential, and you may acknowledge things that you did not earlier. Hence, talking to individuals and sharing your thoughts can open more windows towards an optimistic life.

Talk, Laugh, And Feel Free!

Foster community bonds to share your thoughts without inhibitions and live freely. Talk to others, share your opinions, laugh with them, and participate in community activities. All these will inspire you to lead a better tomorrow!

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