Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help you have a great time knowing yourself. We would love to answer all your questions, in case we miss something. Please do reach out to us at [email protected]

What do you do with personal information?

We collect your personal data only for Mind Alcove’s user database. We do not sell your personal information for any marketing purpose or any other purpose.

How do I add my profile pic?

You can add or edit your photo by clicking on the profile pic icon, allow your device to access photos, and then choose the image you want to keep as a profile pic. Please note, you can choose not to share your photo in the community feature. You can simply turn the option off in the edit profile.

Is my profile pic visible to others?

Your profile pic will be visible to other community members only when you turn the option on. You can switch the option on from edit profile (click on the profile pic placeholder)

How do I activate my Profile pic in the Community?

Go to edit profile pic by clicking on profile pic placeholder, switch the option on and save. You and other community members can now see your profile pic in the community feature.

What happens to my journal entries? Do you store any data?

All your journal entries are end-to-end encrypted, and we don’t have access to your data. No, we do not store any journal entry data with us. Only community posts are visible to the members.

How do I change my password?

Go to settings and click on change password, or you can log out and click on forget password and then change it.

How do I switch on reminders?

Go to settings on the top right at the header, click on customize reminders. Select the time and write a personalized message to keep up with your journaling habit.

What are customized reminders?

There are 5 journals in Mind Alcove App, Daily, Learning, One line a day, Gratitude, and Dream Journal. Select the one you want to be most active on and select the reminders accordingly. This will help you to keep up with your journaling habit.

Why am I not able to see other user profiles?

Mind Alcove provides a caring and empathetic community platform where people can share their real issues, challenges in a safe place. There is no individual user profile; this is to keep the anonymity of the members. This helps the members to not fear judgment or validation and also keep their identity non-intrusive.

Why should I upgrade to premium?

Mind Alcove Premium provides you with the following features. You can choose to upgrade after your 14 days free trial or before the trial ends. If you wish to upgrade before your trial ends, we are first incredibly honored by your decision; second, you can do so in settings by clicking on account details.

  • Access to Learning, Gratitude, One line a day & Dream Journal
  • Keep a voice diary
  • Connect with a caring, non-judgmental anonymous community
  • Get more profound knowledge of your mood trends

I have a few suggestions and feedback? How do I give those?

You can reach out to us directly from the app, go to settings and click on give feedback, or suggest a feature. We will respond back to you within 48 hours. Alternatively, you can mail us at [email protected]

Can I enter more than one mood a day?

Yes, every day, our mood changes based on situations and experiences. You can click on the + icon on the bottom navigation and click on emoji to add your 2nd/ 3rd mood of the day. You will see that trend in your 7 days mood in the calendar.

How does the down the memory lane feature work?

You are shown your back entries in this feature. But if you do not want to read 1-month-old entries, you can simply turn off the feature from the settings.

How does Community work?

The community feature lets you vent out your feelings, frustrations, challenges, and happy moments with other members. Sometimes you just need to put it out there to feel lighter and see that you are not alone. We want to build a place that does not support validations or judgment but just kindness and empathy.

What if some write inappropriate stuff in the Community?

We request all the members to go through the community guidelines and follow them; if you come across a post or comment inappropriate in nature, you can immediately report that post or write to us at [email protected] Please note – Community comments are being monitored by our team to ensure no inappropriate messages are posted. If we feel any comment violates the community guidelines, we hold the right to delete it from our end. The user will be notified.

Can I edit or delete my journal entries?

Yes, you can. Click on the dots next to your saved entry, choose to edit or delete. As we don’t keep the journal entries in the database, we won’t recover a deleted entry once deleted from your end.

Where does my Voice diary gets captured?

Once you save your voice entry in the journal, it gets saved in the media on the stats page.

I am not receiving any push notifications; what do I do?

You may not have activated the notification; please go to your phone settings and click on the notification; switch on for Mind Alcove to receive inspirations and motivation to journal and track mood.