what are affirmations

What are affirmations? & how you can use them in your daily routine.

I always came across the word “Affirmative” in the movies when an authority asks the police or an agent about specific information, and…

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message in a bottle

Message in a Bottle

#Guestpost Intrigued ?? Even I was, it caught my fancy to such an extent that I was spurred to pen down my thoughts. I have often…

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20 journal prompts to start your day on a positive note

20 Journal Prompts to Start your day on a positive note

Start your day on a positive note with these easy 20 Journal Prompts. You can use them together or make your own schedule.

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easy tips to start journaling for self care today

Easy Tips to Start Journaling for Self-Care Today

Maybe you have thought about journaling or writing down your thoughts on a piece of paper but never really got around that idea. People…

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what is journaling and it s amazing benefits

What is Journaling and its amazing benefits

If you have been hearing about Journaling from many people and still wondering, what is this trend? Why is everyone swearing by it? Is it…

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