5 daily habits of emotionally fit people

5 Daily Habits of emotionally fit people

Your emotional health is the epicenter of your overall well-being and outlook on life. It is intricately tied to your physical health,…

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diary vs journal how are they different an analysis

Diary Vs. Journal: How are they different? A personal view.

During my school days, my dad used to get a black diary from his office that had a built-in calendar of the current year, last year, and…

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how to effectively use the prompt of the day while writing a journal

How to effectively use the prompt of the day, while writing a journal?

So, what is a Journal Prompt? Some say that they have experienced the best conversations in their lives because they were asked “great…

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11 ways you can practice living in the present

11 ways you can practice living in the present.

When lockdown started, I spent most of my time on social media or connecting with my family members whom I met almost after a year. As…

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9 things to do to maintain your mental wellbeing

9 Things you can do to Maintain your Mental Well-being during Lockdown 2.0

So, the Corona Virus is spreading like random likes on a viral video. We were optimistic that 2021 would be different, and we will be out…

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mood tracking benefits

What is Mood Tracking, and how is it related to mental health?

I am someone who generally wakes up in a good mood. When I was a kid, my parents would greet my brother and me with a big “Good Morning,”…

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